Guide to online casino software, payment methods and bonuses

It’s been many years since the first casino was created: from that moment on, all over the world the game of chance struck various cities, states and continents, allowing people to groped their luck at different games present in the halls, such as blackjack, mobile roulette, and slot machines.

Undoubtedly, the most famous casinos in the world are those found in Las Vegas, called the game of chance the city by exception, thanks precisely to the various casinos that have been built, each with attractions, games and lots of exclusive things: unfortunately, not everyone can afford to make a long journey to be able to go to Las Vegas to experience the unique emotions you live exclusively in this particular environment.

For these reasons therefore, make their appearance on the internet the various online casinos, which thanks to their characteristics, allow players from around the world to live every single thrill of real casino from the comfort on their living room couch: the online casinos, since they debuted on the internet, thanks to several important features, enabled the owners and inventors of the casinos could get a huge success, and get every day new users are spending their time in virtual rooms, sometimes surpassing the number of people who are present in the real casino halls with real money blackjack apps compared at

Prime winning features and check in online casinos: the software companies.

One of the winning features that have contributed to the success of the various online casinos, and the player must check before enrolling regards the software companies who are committed to producing various games such as slot machines and roulette: without them likely, online casino hardly have got off the only remaining a sort of meteor that lands on the internet without being able to achieve great success online blackjack w/ live dealers at

Among the various software companies that produce for online casino games there are two in particular that stand out from the crowd thanks to the work done to ensure maximum efficiency of their products: the two manufacturers in question are the Playtech and Microgaming that since their birth are synonymous with success for the casino operators scattered on the web.

The first producer of of chance games, or Playtech, is distinguished by its direct competitors for lottima final realization of its games, consisting of a scream graphics, immersive sound, game play smooth and flowing without any slowdown and exclusive titles: all these sectors have made one of the best Playtech software company, and in fact, many casinos such as William Hill, possess in their rooms most targati Playtech games.

But Microgaming is not to be underestimated: although some sectors are lower than the Playtech, ie graphics and sound, Microgaming has decided to focus, as opposed to its direct rival, simplicity and game immediacy thanks to the easy arrangement of the various buttons and game options and a high number of games could then hold up perfectly comparison with Playtech.

Other winning features and to evaluate the online casino.

The only manufacturer to which the various online casinos rely for the development and purchasing of the various games is not the only important feature that has contributed to the great success of online casinos, and that must be considered by users before choosing a casino online: among them we must in fact consider the safety, privacy, and the assistance customers, essential elements of online casinos.
In order to choose the best one so online casinos, the player must see if this turns out to be sure: to see if this feature is present in casinos, the player must check on the main casino page if there is the AAMS logo, symbol that allows the player to feel comfortable because its presence ensures complete safety and legality of the casino.

The second parameter to check before enrolling in an online casino for privacy: every single online casino should in fact ensure the player that his private data, such as name and surname, date of birth, email address, phone number and especially the number of the credit card or bank account to be used only and exclusively for the recording, and therefore should not be used by the same casino in other situations or made public, since this behavior would prove to be absolutely illegal and prosecuted according to the law .

Finally, the last parameter which the player needs to be probed is the efficiency and methods in the casinos in order to contact the assistance clients: the player it must first ascertain whether the assistance customers is present in the online casino, if it is viable and what method you can contact her . In the absence of unassistenza customers fact, the player must try to avoid the inscription at the online casino, for the simple fact that if you encounter any problem, the player would risk leaving unresolved and that you are not someone who can help in finding a way to solve it.

Percentage of payment and RNG program: You may not sign up if they miss.

That’s right: it is the payout percentage that the RNG program in the various games must not miss, that must be made public, and if not, the player must try a new online casino that possess these characteristics and previous ones.

In the first case, the player must first ascertain whether the payout percentage of the various games is visible in the casino, but not only, as this must be on a value of about ninety five percent: this percentage ensures the possibility the player to obtain victories and at the same time also ensures the security of online casinos. As often happens, however, the percentage may be slightly higher or lower than the standard value: do not worry, because even slightly different, the fact that this is public should reassure the player regarding the casino security.

Even LRNG however, that the random number generator should be made public, and especially must be present in the various online casino games: this program because it guarantees the player that every game will be different and therefore the player will get both of victories defeats during the several hands of play.

Check how you can make the payment methods.

In an online casino of course you have to play for real money, although there is a play money mode: before enrolling, however, the player must try to see what are the payment and if these methods are reliable.

The safest and most known methods turn out to be the online PayPal account and prepaid card Postepay: both methods, as mentioned just now are the best payment methods, since they are considered safe and reliable, and therefore if at online casinos Codest present methods of payment, the player can feel more secure and to register without problems at that casino. To make the various deposits of course the player has to do is follow a few simple steps that will be explained at the time of payment.

Many bonuses: other motivation to sign up.

A safe and reliable online casino offers different kinds of bonus money, some more some higher from the other, but in any case, if the casino has a bonus it can be safely labeled as reliable and safe casino.

The most famous bonus money is welcome: once the player will carry the inscription casino will give him a sum of money equal to a deposit made percentage, which may vary from casino to casino, but as well as other features even the welcome bonus must be absolutely present.

In addition, each casino offers different promotions regarding contests, money or free spins to be made and used in one or more games present in its halls: to be able to use the player must simply follow the various instructions and wait for the bonus he be credited.

In conclusion, each casino that respects must possess all of these characteristics: once the player checks for the presence of each of them, the inscription will be carried out automatically, since safety has been verified under every aspect.