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Online Video Poker: play as the bar in the best casino sites

Video poker: a game that since its inception has managed to exponentially increase the players of online casinos, thanks to several factors, including the ease with which one can participate in various games, the various customization options and the fact that in addition to video poker in the classic version, there are many types of video poker which they have a feature that allows them to differentiate to Another version of the game.

And still you need to debunk the classic idea that might be present in the minds of many players who are going to use for the first time this game of chance in the virtual version: video poker turn out to be totally different from slot machines, and not only with regard to rules of the game, but also as far as the chances of winning, the payment of the various combinations and for a wide array of features that precisely make the two completely different types of game.

Therefore, the player accustomed to playing slots once inside the halls of the virtual casinos should forget for a moment the slot machine once you decide to try to play video poker: so we need a mindset very different game, a pinch of luck but also a fair amount of strategy and concentration, behavior that should never be lacking when the player is in the online casino and therefore even when playing video poker.

The history of poker and the video poker.

Parents are always born before their children, and if it is attributed the role of parent to poker and that of his son to video poker, it seems clear that he was born before the classic card game and then the digital version, susseguita then the online version video poker.

Unfortunately, the history of poker is san little, and by the way, all the information that you know about his birth and its history are much contradictory: for example, the place of his birth is unknown, or rather some attribute lEgitto as poker home, other France while others attribute to the Middle East as a place where he saw the light this card game.

The few reliable information includes the fact that poker originally had a different name, and that the current name Of this game was given to him only when he saw its exports to the United States, but not only those who were playing there, that the workers of mines and railways were not using the whole playing deck, thus excluding the seeds of spades and flowers, which were introduced at a later date, while the seeds of hearts and diamonds have always been present, although questultimi were called diamond and not paintings.

The history of poker instead of video is well known: the video poker was created thanks to the widespread and passion that poker on the table was, which was converted into a digital version in the cabs present in casinos and bars, and unlike the version table, video poker does not compare him with other players or against the CPU, but rather against himself, since the aim is to achieve the best winning combinations to take home the sums of money up for grabs.

Even the online video poker sees his birth thanks to the success of the actual video poker: its history is even shorter, since it is only dellennesima transposition of the game, this time from its real version in the virtual one, and unlike the first the virtual version does not allow the player to enter the chips, but simply to choose the value they take on, and in addition, two other characteristics that differentiate the virtual version of the real one concerns the large jackpot that owns the virtual game version of the video poker and the speed and immediacy that the virtual version has more than the real version of video poker.

Some strategy on online video poker.

Over time and with his success continuing to rise, online video poker has become one of the games of the most widely used virtual casino, and like all games that have been successful, even with video poker you can apply different strategies that will allow the player to obtain not only the victories, but also of large sums of money.

The very first strategy that can be applied in the video poker game is nelleffettuare to each game the maximum bet, and this for two very simple reasons: the first concerns the fact that with a maximum bet, the player will not only receive a large sum if money fail to make combinations of great value as a royal flush, but will also try to get the car jackpot up for grabs when playing video poker. The second reason concerns the fact that with the maximum bet, the player will have a big return in case of loss: if the player were to experience a losing streak, with the maximum bet even a simple trio will allow him to get a return , so that will not feel too the losses before winning combination.

A second strategy rather concerns the fact to avoid going always looking for the most profitable winning combinations: the constant search for full-scale, longer paying combination of video poker, it could turn into a long series of defeats and losses endless. Quite the contrary, the player must try to go in search of medium-low combinations, since they are also easier to obtain: for example, the player with three wins made with a reach tris immediately the value you get with a single victory thanks to a royal flush.

Finally, the player must always keep in mind not to overdo it and to contain himself: the ability to put a limit is in fact to be essential, because in this way, the player will avoid going to the loss and continue his streak of defeats. Therefore, unultima strategy to apply it concerns the avoidance to keep playing if you exceed the set limit, because in this way the player will protect against large losses of money.

The many variations of video poker.

As with all successful games, including video poker they were made many versions which, as mentioned above, differ among themselves to small but significant features which substantially change the game mode and even some rule: first of these versions it appears to be the very well known Jacks or better, whose purpose is to provide a pair of Jacks or better combination, such as a tris, taking home the corresponding dates of monies from Codest combinations.

The second version of video poker is that joker wild, anchessa very well known and very simple to understand: unlike the classic video poker, the joker wild will be a single wild card, which will allow the player to get winning combinations such as three of a kind or poker despite not having all the cards necessary to implement them. however joker In the wild, having regard to the ease with which one can obtain winning combinations, in order to bring home the winnings must achieve at least a double couple. The same happens in deuces wild version, in which to assume the characteristics of the wild card is the card with the number two: Finally, in the king of decks version there are five decks of cards, the highest winning combination is the one given by five cards depicting the king of flowers and to bring home the sums of money necessary to obtain at least two pair as a minimum combination.

Video Poker Terminology.

The video poker terminology is the first thing that the player must learn, because otherwise, you may get only losses on losses consecutively and repetitively: the first terms to know are hold, which allows the player to block one or more cards , discard cards, or discarding the cards or paper in his possession, bet max, which indicates the maximum bet and cash out, which allows the player to cash out your winnings from that moment.

Then there is the term straight, indicating a scale with different suits, the straight flush, or a straight with all cards of the same suit and the most important combination, Royal Flush, that is straight from a ten Allasso with belonging cards all at same suit: these are the terms that the player needs to know before making any video poker game, because otherwise, as mentioned before would only risk of experiencing losses.