Roulette online: Complete Guide, systems and best sites to play

Which of the many virtual casino games on the internet, what we managed to have a great success, to be able to attract every day thousands of users and to be still considered a game that fascinates entire generations of virtual and real players ? Obviously roulette, simple game known in every corner of the worldAnd that besides giving a lot of emotions for players, allowing them to be able to take home huge sums of money.

This is also due to its ease of play: formed by a flat oval seeds containing from numbers zero to thirty six, roulette has as sole aim to win to guess the number on which the ball will fall at the end of the launch, giving large sums money to the player in case of a forecast, so if you want to define, guessed.

A simple and easy game that has conquered, conquest and grows on a large number of players who go in real casinos but also those who enjoy playing roulette in its virtual transposition.

Roulette: by his predecessor to the online version

Roulette, as well as being one of the games that continues to have a great success despite the passing of years, was not born as it is known nowadays: her ancestor first called Hocam, and instead of the thirty six numbers numbers zero, counted a total of forty issues and had spread to several European countries, including Germany and France stood out.

Just in France was born the second of roulette version: this second version at first contained not only the number zero, but also a double zero, a feature that was abandoned a few years later, as the French understood that the double zero presence decreased the chances of victory of the players and decided therefore to adopt the version we know today all, or the roulette version that contains only a zero-green and thirty six red and black colored numbers. The version with the double zero instead found a great success in the American continent: once the roulette was exported, the Americans decided to adopt his version with double zero, probably to diversify from the European version, impossessandosene as if it had been invented by them and not by the French.

To have greater success however was the French version of roulette: this was in fact recognized legal state, and the proceeds derived from bets made by people was entirely paid to the State, which in turn used to fund various expenses of the war, with weapons and vehicles to be sent to the soldiers; in America, the situation was completely different: the game of chance, and therefore to the roulette was not approved at first, and this because the various mafia clans, thanks to gambling dens that were created over the years, they used the money collected played by people to finance their projects mobsters, which is not well seen by the people and the law itself.

Only several years later roulette gained a great success in the American continent thanks to the legalization and the birth of the various casino in Las Vegas, a true symbol of the game of chance, which recorded a steady increase up that continues to grow, even nowadays.

Since then the great success that roulette was able to have in the various real casinos just like those found in Las Vegas, the owners of the online casinos and various software companies have decided to take the ball, and introduce in their rooms and nellampio catalog of virtual roulette games in many versions: the success of course has not been slow in coming, and even in the virtual version of roulette has managed to increase the number of players present in the virtual rooms of online casinos.

All online versions of roulette still is faithfully based on real roulette: be it mini roulette or other versions, they will be still or European, or French with a single zero, or American, or roulette that has both zero single that the double zero.

Various differences between real and online roulette and the respective rules

One of the differences that distinguish the roulette from other games is the fact that there are differences with regard to the real and the virtual version: both have very small rules that make them just different from each other, but still have a limited impact on the side the game itself.

At the root of the differences there is the element dealer or laddetto of this roulette in casino royal rooms: starting from this version, the first rule is the fact that the player, to make his bets have a fixed time limit, reported its by the croupier, and moreover, the bets may also be carried out when the ball is rotating in the pot, but not after that this affects the fingers which separate the numbers. Another rule present but little significant real roulette is one that allows the player to have performed the dealer bet in place: giving the chip fact, the player can ask the dealer to place a stake in its place, with This latter that before drive the ball in the pot roulette will ask for confirmation to the player. Finally, last difference of rules that is present in the real roulette regards payments: Once the bets and once the ball lands on a number, the dealer will pay the bets prior to the players who have made simple bets, then to those who have of the double bets and then pay all the other players, ending the game withdrawing his hand all the bets that turn out to be losers after the game round.

In online roulette instead the game round results to be different: first, the player as long as possible in order to make his bet because the dealer is not present no will urge the players to step up and make bets before time runs out . The second slight difference concerns the fact that the stakes will be paid all together: whether it’s simple or wagers made, the player at the end of the game round will immediately receive the sum of money won without any order to be respected.

Some successful strategies to use

Over time, the game of roulette a few strategies that appear to be winning were invented, but you have to abide by a simple rule that these strategies prove to be really successful: the player for any reason must try to force the issue because from winnings it will move quickly to losses, and these are difficult to come out, especially if you continue to force too carried away with these strategies.

The first of these is that of the three colors to apply it, the player must bet on both the red on black, and mark from the color that comes out in the first five hands of play. Once that comes out three times in the same color, the player must bet twice on the opposite color, as second calculating provabilità, the opposite color has the greatest chance to get out than the color out for three times in succession: if it were to be that goes out for a fourth time the same color, the player must simply bet again twice on the opposite color, because it increases the possibility that this bait.

Then there is the pillar strategy Dalembert: this is that the player must place bets on simple bets like red and black, odd or even, or dalluno numbers to eighteen or nineteen to thirty six, and in case of loss, bet will be duplicated, while in case of victory will be halved.

Finally another successful and well-known strategy is the zero game: the player must bet a piece zero and one out of two dozen, so that the player always has a minimum return in the event of loss. Of course, this strategy must be respected a little rule: in the first round, dozens choices the player can be chosen without constraints by the player, but from the second round of play, the player must bet on two dozen in which there is no number just released in the roulette plate.

Different types of bet

In roulette there are basically three different types of bets, very simple to be carried out: the first is defined inside, and includes all those bets that can be made within the game board, such as those individual, or on a single number or double ones, namely those that include two numbers.

The second type relates to the episodes set outside, or those to be carried out from the board and include bets such as those on red and black or those on odd or even numbers.

Finally, the last type of bets are those defined in the call bets and related to particular episodes such as that neighbors of zero, which precisely relate the numbers close to zero or bets that have in common the same final number, such as all the numbers ending with number three.